TimeSheets Data Entry

The TimeSheet data entry interface is available via web or via a native app for Android or Apple iOS smarphones. Users have visibility only of activities for which they have been enabled and on which they are required to input time data. Data entry is quite intuitive and takes only a few seconds and through the app can be carried out at any time and anywhere. CrossTime can be configured for various input modes: "Start Time - End Time" or "Total hours per day." The accounting period duration is configurable by the company on a daily or weekly basis; at the end of the period timesheets should be submitted for approval. In the Message Area users receive messages related to the approval or rejection of submited timesheets.


Time-Off Requests
Also requests of absence (Time-Off) can be entered through a web interface or smartphone making it extremely easy and intuitive also this process. It's possible to submit requests for leave of absence, holidays, medical visits, training or other categories established by the company and by the regulations. The user is notified of the approval or rejection of the request by his manager so that he can act accordingly.

Time Off

Each manager has the visibility of Timesheets and Time-Off requests submitted by their people. The approval process can be configured on one or more levels based on the company's organization. For example, the first-level manager approval may be followed by the HR Director's.

TimeExpense -Approvazione

Expense Tracking
Users can also enter expenses made during the execution of their activities. In this way also expenses are added as additional costs and can be taken into account in the overall activity's picture.