CrossTime allows you to create a new Job Chart in a few clicks, plan the expected costs and revenues and connect the job to relevant activities in order to calculate the current costs on completed tasks. Using the Dashboard, managers can display the trend of several performance indicators (KPI), comparing estimaded values ​​to actuals. In this way your company has a constantly up-to-date monitor of the financial performance of business operations.

Dashboard Grafici

Cost Planning
From the Planning Tab you can enter cost estimates for manpower and materials, revenue estimates and project milestones. The interface allows to indicate the the professional profiles that are expected to be employed and their presumed costs, and distribute their cost over the time frame envisaged for the project. It's also possible to estimate the revenues and expenses of the  materials to be purchased.

Dashboad Preventivi

Actual Costs Calculation
From the Actuals Tab instead you can view actual costs in terms of people man-days, arising from submitted timesheets, and enter the final costs arising from the purchase of materials. Updating the calculation of the final updated data and charts of the Dashboard.

Dashboard Consuntivi

The Dashboard summarizes all the Job Chart most relevant information. From the Dashboard, it's possible to check KPIs and  compare  estimated values ​​to actual results. Some simple colored spots allow you to see at a glance if the main KPIs are positive or needing attention.