From the left menu you can access the list of Activities. The filters mask allows you to select one or more activities of interest and clicking on the pencil icon to the right you can access detailed information on the selected activity. Once enabled, users can create new activities in a few clicks, as shown below.
Activity - Lista

Activity Information
Once enabled, users can open new Activities. Each one is defined by a number of parameters. For instance you can define the Approval Workflow which can be selected from a pre-configured list (Single Step, Double Step with Team Leader and PM or others). The OU determines the corporate structure to charge project costs and revenues on. Files can also be attached in order to find all the relevant information in one single place.
Activity - Info

To each Activity must be assigned a work team. People are chosen from the human resources catalogue that is fed during the initial configuration. Each resource data is completed by a daily cost as well asby  any other additional costs to be taken into consideration to determine the total cost of the single resource and of the overall project work.
Activity - Team

Each activity is composed by one or more specific tasks or subtask. Each task can be associated with one or more people of the team. Activity specific cost modifiers can be specified, for example to take account of night hours, overtime or specific clauses related to the project. Once people are associated to their task they can enter timesheets.

Activity - Task