blocchi features 2014CrossTime helps companies to increase the overall business competitiveness through the optimization of control processes, improvement of people's productivity and efficiency, greater cost control, and making management decisions more effective thanks to reliable and timely information.

The advantages secured by CrossTime can be extended to the entire company:

  • Financial Officiers can properly evaluate cost and productivity of contracts and help top management make better decisions more quickly.
  • Project and Resource Managers are constantly informed about the status of their projects and about activities of their resources and can promptly inform the management on projects progress or about and any critical situations to deal with.
  • HR and Admin Staff promptly get details on the time and attendance of their staff and reports related to billing and invoicing, thus shortening lead times of business processes and reducing errors and reworks.
  • Employees  can enter their timesheets, time off requests and expense reports quickly and intuitively even on the move.